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Watch short video tours on how to use Wikispaces.

Using Wikispaces Help

If you look to the top right corner of this page, you'll see a link for Help. Here you'll find quick tutorials on all of the basics you need to know for using the Wiki. You'll soon find that it's really no different than typing in Word, except it's more fun.

RSS Feeds

An RSS Feed provides you with updated links from syndicated article's or newspapers, or even blogs or websites. To find RSS feeds, go to Google and search for the area that you're interested in and include RSS feed. For example, I searched for nursing RSS feed, and I found the one below. Once you find the feed, you copy the RSS url into the Widget for RSS feeds (you'll see it on the list when you click on the TV looking icon in the editor.

An RSS feed looks like this:

SAGE Publications Ltd: Journal of Research in Nursing: Table of Contents


The best central location to find videos is YouTube but the Embed Widget (located on the editor toolbar and has picture of TV next to it) provides you with many other options. In YouTube, you can search for a topic or idea that interests you and see what's been posted. Once you find the video you like, you just need to get the code for the video by clicking on the Share link, which is usually located under the video. Once you click Share you'll see the code and then all you need to do is copy and paste that code into the Widget. When you click on the Embed Widget icon on the editor toolbar, you'll see an option for adding a video. Youtube has many help videos, like this one on how to embed a video into your site/blog:

Places to find video (please add your own suggestions too)

Adding Music/Podcasts/Slideshow....

Generally, adding streaming music that constantly plays on a website can be quite annoying and causes the visitor to just turn off his/her speakers or leave. You may, however add playlists that give the visitor the option of changing the tune or turning them off, or you may want to add a podcast . The new Embed Widget function also allows you to easily add Polls, Maps, Audio, Calendars and more

Some Places where you will find Audio/Podcasts
If you have some recommended sites for Podcasts or Audio, please add them here: (CBC podcasts) (find audio/podcasts from a variety of sites)


You can search the net for free photos to use on your Wiki or use your own. Don't use any image you don't have permission to use. If the photos are free for non-commercial use, than you can use them, but you must indicate the source where you retrieved them (so the website). To search the web, search for free stock photos.

Places to find free images - Please add to this list (most photo sites will require that you sign up) (has a free section)